You know what they say about style—you either have it or you need to get it. This rings true in most situations, but it carries a special importance on Sunday brunch in New York City. This Fashionista is no stranger to the importance of food and fashion and is able to throw together the perfect look to accompany chai tea and freezing temperatures.

While layering is an individual fashion choice, this Fashionista does it in a way that makes it a requirement; she adds her own touches that both reflect her style and her decision to stay warm. Her turtleneck blouse says two very important things: “I care about how I look, but I intend not to freeze.” By tucking it into the front of her black jeans, she not only provides a direct color contrast between the black and the light purple, but she also provides her own flare to the outfit.

Her next layer is a vintage trench jacket that proves that any style, when done correctly, can be brought back. Atop her jacket comes the real source of her warmth, a thick gray coat that correlates with her black and purple contrast perfectly. By adding black leather boots, you almost can’t picture it any other way. If the cold winds weren’t out to get the citizens of New York, walking could almost be an option; however, just because boots look good does not mean Uber isn’t an option (a very important lesson about living in the city).

Keeping wrist candy minimal, this Fashionista added a gold Michael Kors watch to tie everything together without adding too much. For me, it doesn’t matter the hand, whether the watch is set, if you can or cannot tell time or anything else, as long as it makes a statement. Watches are important and it is a necessity that you have one and wear it proudly.

Sunday brunch in this city is a ritual that cannot go unnoticed. Looking the part plays just as big a role as getting there on time, ordering the right food and making good conversation. This winter, keep warm, treat yourself to nice brunches, eat well and pick up that cup of coffee showing the world that you know how to pick a proper watch.

One Simple Change:  The rumor is true. New York City this time of year is nothing if not COLD. By sacrificing your arm candy and nail display, gloves and a matching scarf might just give you the extra layer of warmth you need to make it out the door.  Seriously, consider it.  Your avocado toast is waiting.