Brunch isn’t just for women; guys all over college campuses are joining their friends every Sunday afternoon for some well deserved fun. This Fashionisto was spotted on the campus of the New School getting ready to attend brunch with a few of his friends and looking effortlessly cool with a touch of classic inspiration. Not to mention, his mustard colored pants are the perfect accent to his completely monochrome ensemble that most New York City students consider to be a uniform (myself included).

This student’s outfit is incredibly easy to recreate and put your own twist on, which is why it’s so stylish and applicable to college students all over the country. His sweater features two effortlessly cool colors, or lack there of, black and white. The chunky knit adds texture and interest to what could be a basic black and white sweater. Not to mention, the turtleneck is both classically cool and totally functional. That’s basically the goal for all college kids—am I right or am I right?

Following the chunky knit, his gray coat is structured and stylish without taking away interest from the rest of his outfit. He also let me know that it’s incredibly warm, even in the 10 degree weather the East Coast has been experiencing lately. He looks mature and fashion forward, which I think is pretty hard to do these days.

His mustard seed pants are what steal the show in this look. The shade is muted enough to not be too shocking or unattractive, but still vibrant enough to add a pop of color that’s totally fun for Sunday brunch with your #squad. There’s not much more you could ask for in an outfit. An effortless, cool style that’s appropriate for some down time with your friends—sounds good to me.

Next time you’re going out to brunch, give this look a try; I’m positive it will be a hit.

One Simple Change: If this Fashionisto was going to take his look from day to night, he could easily change the playful statement pant to a sexy black trouser for a sleeker aesthetic. It’s so easy to transform an outfit like his because of its timeless look paired with modern, minimalistic vibes.