March 3rd, 2016 at 2:00am

Oh brunch, my favorite part of the weekend. It is the day where girls can dress up and take cute pictures for social media and it is the day where girls can show off their keen sense of style. Choosing outfits for the cold weather is every girl’s nightmare, especially for college girls. Having the energy to put together an Instagram-able outfit for brunch is hard and exhausting. However, this Fashionista has the secret to styling the perfect brunch outfit in the cold weather.

From head to toe, this Fashionista combines all her choices in the perfect way. She chose the perfect colors for the cold weather in Ohio. Neutral colors are the way to go during the winter because they give a stylish touch to the outfit. During the cold weather, it is easier to dress in all-black and ditch the colors, but this Fashionista did the total opposite. She decided to pair some neutral colors and use them to her advantage. The maroon velvet pants perfectly contrast with the cozy sweater she chose to pair them with. To keep herself warm and cozy, our Fashionista decided to accessorize her sweater with an infinity scarf.

As I was observing her super stylish look I noticed she had combined different styles in one outfit. This Fashionista is rocking a pair of edgy black booties to give the look some trendy momentum. The grand finale of this awesome look is the black fedora. This type of hat is trending and it is the ideal accessory to wear on a brunch date with some friends. This outfit is really simple, but at the same time it is trendy and chic. Girls in the Midwest better watch out, because this Fashionista has some styling secrets that no one knows!

One Simple Change: Want to wear this super stylish brunch look to class? No problem! Take out a pair of combat boots and pair them with a beanie. The velvet pants and the sweater will keep you comfortable for a long day of class while the combat boots and the beanie will keep you warm and cozy.