March 1st, 2016 at 2:10am

San Diego is one of the most popular travel destinations in California. That being said, it is also known for having some of the best brunch spots in the area. With views overlooking the ocean and weather as sunny and clear as a summer’s day all year round, San Diego provides plentiful opportunities to grab a loved one or a group of your best gal pals for a nice meal. I personally enjoy brunch time the best since you get to eat essentially two meals in one sitting.

This Fashionista wore the perfect winter brunch outfit styled to fit the Southern California weather. Her dark navy sweater was paired with a pair of white pants. White pants or denim can be a great alternative to jeans. They add a unique flair to an outfit and the combinations of different styles to mix and match are endless. The sweater was thin enough to stand the heat of the sun and the Fashionista added a quintessential black fedora to add some extra shade. For shoes, she wore a simple pair of black strappy sandals that added some height to elongate her legs. I liked how she kept the look quite modern and clean by accessorizing with a black kate spade cross-body bag and used minimal makeup.

Brunch time is meant to be casual and to catch up with whomever you choose to eat with. Whether it is a significant other or your family and friends, brunch is also a good way to experiment with a casual, yet equally chic look. Just have fun with it and as a precaution: if you do plan on wearing white pants, be careful not to spill!

One Simple Change: Have to class after your delicious brunch? Take off the hat and tie your hair in a messy bun. Switch the purse with your backpack and you’re good to go!