Sundays are meant for sleeping in, relaxing and eating mounds of good food all in one sitting. Here in Newport, all of us Salve kids roll out of bed at the crack of noon and head on over to one of the three best brunch places around. Considering how tired we still are from all the fun we had on our Saturday night, we keep our brunch attire casual and comfy. Since we live on an island, it is always possible to see an ex sitting at the booth next to you. Therefore, it is important to keep the brunch look casual, comfortable and absolutely stylish.

This Fashionisto’s brunch look is totally top-notch. He goes casual by throwing on a white Polo T-shirt and a classic pair of soft khaki pants. He dresses his outfit up a bit by adding navy blue suede desert boots and throws on a cozy cardigan to match. The sweater is a great touch because one never knows when the lines for Sunday brunch will be out the door, which they usually are. This Fashionisto can easily whip his cardigan on and off with ease and still maintain his rad look. His attire speaks out the loudest through the way he accessorized it. There is so much practicality in the use of his shades, keeping all the unwanted bright rays out of tired eyes, and his Apple Watch. Us college kids are busy, social people, and it is next to impossible for us to detach ourselves from our phones. This Fashionisto successfully puts his phone away on Sundays and swaps it for a sleek, useful watch that reveals all his important texts. Finally, there is the gold chain. It is always a bold move for men to wear necklaces. The gold chain is a staple for this look and definitely gives the outfit its pizzazz. When I asked the Fashionisto where he acquired the chain from, he proceeded to tell me how it’s a vintage piece passed down from his dad. In that second, the chain became that much cooler. I’m all for vintage family heirlooms.

One Simple Change: To have this look blossom from Sunday brunch attire to “let’s get some late night burgers at the pub,” swap the khakis for a pair of dark wash jeans, add a black leather jacket, and it’s good to go. This daytime look will effortlessly go dark for that late night charm.