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We’re well into the new year and amidst the midterms that are slowly creeping up on us, we should be making time to hang out with our friends! It seems to be popular for Fashionistas to go out on a quick brunch date on the weekends before hunkering down to get some studying done.

This Fashionista was on her way to a coffee date with a friend, but this look can easily work for a brunch date as well. In Seattle, it’s pretty cool in the mornings (before the rain comes pouring down later in the day), so donning a warm wool coat is essential. This darker toned color is perfect for the winter time.

Underneath the coat is of course, the very trendy turtleneck! If you’re dragging yourself out of bed at 11:00 a.m. and want to stay comfortable, the knit turtleneck is the way to go. I love this Fashionista’s neutral colors paired with the dark coat for a little contrast.

And no one can go wrong with a pair of black skinnies! These guys literally go with any top; stepping into a pair of black booties can also do you no wrong. This Fashionista’s look is simple and comfortable. My favorite part of this look has to be the satchel; the cinched structure and the tan leather balance perfectly with the slightly bulkier coat and darker tones.

This look is perfect for brunch because it’s stylish, yet effortless, and definitely comfortable to wear after the pancakes and Eggs Benedict.

One Simple Change: Since this is primarily a daytime look, you can change it to a night time look if you have plans to go out by adding some neutral toned jewelry that is fancier and eye-catching.