So Sunday morning has rolled around and you realize that you haven’t started any of your homework. What better way to procrastinate than asking all of your closest friends out to a cute Sunday brunch? Everyone likes a good meal and cup of coffee before the cramming begins. But of course, brunch calls for countless photos of friends, food and lattes so we need to look fabulous! This Fashionista’s outfit is perfect inspiration for the occasion.

Everything about this outfit seems comfortable while still looking put together. Her sweater is a simple cropped turtleneck that shows a little bit of skin on her shoulders, which adds a more modern feel. This is contrasted with her corduroy skirt which is definitely inspired by the ’70s. The skirt features a lace-up detail in the front, a very popular trend right now for skirts, pants and tops! Her round Ray-Ban sunglasses also add a vintage feeling to the outfit. I love the yellowish orange lenses and the gold frames. I could imagine Jackie from That 70’s Show wearing an outfit vert similar to this.

This outfit’s combination of warm colors and tones is perfect for brunch with the girls on a cold Sunday. Her booties are also sure to keep her warm! The faux shearling is not only adorable, but perfectly practical for the winter weather.

One Simple Change: I love pieces that can be worn all year long. Trade the sweater for a crop-top and switch out the booties for a pair of sandals. This way the skirt can be worn in the summer too!