What better way to step into the new year than with a bold statement. It’s that time of year again to set goals for yourself that you may or may not actually follow through with. Don’t let being less fashionable be one of them!

With winter in full effect, don’t feel discouraged when it comes to keeping up with the latest fashion trends. The main essential needed to complete whatever look you’re going for is a good pair of over-the-knee boots. These shoes will MAKE your outfit. Take Kourtney Kardashian for example; we’ve all seen her rocking the oversized sweatshirt look with over-the-knee boots, appearing effortlessly chic. There is truth when it comes to these boots owning any outfit, from casual to dressy.

Want to achieve this Fashionista’s simple yet bold statement? Nothing screams ringing in the new year like a pair of over-the-knee boots. Seriously, these boots go perfectly with everything, no wonder all the latest celebrities are jumping on this bandwagon. These stylish boots are ideal when it comes to completing this entire look, making the outfit stand out without looking overdone throughout anytime of the day. Pairing a simple striped button-down with a long cardigan add the finishing touches, not only in keeping you warm, but all while still appearing fashionable by giving dimension to your overall look. This Fashionista is ready to step into brunch looking fabulously stylish (try saying that three times fast).

This Tory Burch cross-body bag is the cherry on top. This bag can also be matched with just about anything. Its multipurpose use of being a cross-body bag and clutch all in one is the ultimate must have for any occasion. This cross-body bag can be your go-to bag for a casual brunch with friends, or as a clutch for a formal outing.

One Simple Change: If you’re not as daring as this Fashionista, opt for some black ripped high-waisted jeans. You can tuck in the front of the button-down while still maintaining a structured and more texturized look. Now you’re ready to meet up with some friends and head out to the city for a girl’s night out!