February 3rd, 2016 at 2:00am

It’s another Sunday morning and all you want is some awesome comfort food, a season of Grey’s Anatomy and a massive fuzzy blanket dually used for warmth and to wipe away your tears from Derek Shepherd’s beauty. Even though the thought of cuddling with your dog all day may entice you, quite honestly, food is most important on your list at the moment, so brunch it is!

Brunch can be the Bob Evans feast with your best friends looking as if you just rolled out of bed ten minutes ago (which may be 100 percent true). Brunch can be the meal with grandma where you converse over tea and croissants wearing a simple shift dress and heels. However today, this Fashionista is vibin’ with Forever 21 from head to toe, ready for brunch in style.

The maroon turtleneck and worn boyfriend jeans balance each other incorporating both chic and casual elements to the outfit. Turtlenecks are currently a hot commodity—flirty or sophisticated, there is no doubt you will look fab. The versatile large black purse is great for shoving anything and everything in for brunch and some daytime shopping. A finishing long necklace and some simple black booties pull the look together. You will undoubtedly be a sight for sore eyes at teatime in the a.m.

One Simple Change: Enjoying the girl’s day so much it’s turning into a girl’s night? Take this look from brunch to a night out with the girls. Darken your eyeshadow, exchange your large tote for a cute over-the-shoulder and you’re good to go.