Brunch requires an oxymoron of an outfit. It needs to be a casually dressy, appropriately-expandable look that isn’t scared of a little syrup and bacon grease. Layering is the perfect, ladylike way to hide a stain or secretly unbutton your seconds-resistant skinny jeans. This Fashionista managed to marry femininity, sass and edge all in one sophisticated mid-morning look.

A cropped, printed sweater and a casual collared shirt can dress up even your holiest denim and can easily appear on Sundays over a pleated skirt or floral dress. Layering can carry intimidation for simple dressers, but to naïve and equally-intimidated onlookers, a cool or risky combination of pieces can inspire a new and exciting phase in someone’s wardrobe. There are a few ways to “get layering wrong” if that is an expression that you feel applies to you. For this look, a timeless black and white leopard print serves as the matchmaker for an otherwise homely blue button-down and burgundy ice skater skirt. Both Saint Laurent and Dior have named oversized leopard a cool-girl print for this past fall and winter.

To decorate, this Fashionista serves chunky, RAD shoe in the form of leather clogs. These are the perfect candidate for a patterned tight, or a loosely-masculine jean. The heavy, iron-beaded necklace represents effort and goes agreeably on top of most colors and patterns. Finding a universally-friendly statement necklace can allow for easy amplifying of a multitude of looks. For practicality, this light winter coat brings an unconventional neutral, army green to play.

One Simple Change: To downgrade this outfit into a mere “going to class” look, change into a functional printed flat or a Sporty Spice sneaker.