October 27th, 2015 at 2:00am

When I think of brunch, I think of cute food, cute outfits and cute friends. Brunch is the perfect occasion to get a little dressed up. Especially since it usually isn’t early in the morning, you normally have a little extra time to get ready. Brunch is also the perfect time to try out all of your new outfits, because pictures are always taken at brunch, whether it’s pictures of the food or you with your friends. Pictures are always a must at brunch.

Here this Fashionista is wearing a loose black dress, with detailed lace sleeves. The added detail of the lace makes this simple dress a little more fancy. She then chose to wear a pair of olive colored booties, which dress up the outfit in a casual way due to the wooden heel. The final piece that pulls this look together is her headwrap. The headwrap has a colorful pattern of blues and purples, and it adds the perfect amount of color and fun to the outfit. This Fashionista also curled her hair in loose waves to put the finishing touches on this seemingly effortless and chic ensemble.

I don’t know who deemed brunch to be the meal that calls for cute outfits and aesthetically pleasing food, but I fully support this version of brunch. So just throw on a dress, wedges and some accessories, and you’ll be ready for brunch!

One Simple Change: By changing the accessories, this outfit could be perfect for date night. Just switch the headwrap for some earrings and the booties for black heels.