October 14th, 2015 at 2:00am

The first month of school is always so draining. Not because there’s so much work to do, but because getting back into the routine of things gets tiring. Never has the weekend sounded to precious because one can finally be relaxed. Not too fast! Did you forget about all the back to school parties and get-togethers that we have to attend? That means Friday and Saturday are out of the question. Therefore, Sunday has been designated for sleeping in and having brunch.What better place to have brunch than the beach? After a long and stressful week the only place that sounds suitable for scrumptious brunch in SoCal is Laguna. Rocking an all white look, this Fashionista is Laguna Beach ready!

Living in SoCal around this time of the year can be a tad bit complicated for your wardrobe. Its significantly cold in the morning and as the day goes by it gets ridiculously hot. Going to the beach is even more complicated because its always cooler than expected. This Fashionista does an excellent job of keeping all of this in mind and staying prepared for any type of weather that might come her way. She also did a swell job of incorporating Sunday comfort in her edgy ensemble.

The all white look is trending these days and it automatically gives it such a pulled together look. Decked in Zara, this Fashionista wore a basic white t-shirt that she knotted at the side, complimented by a pair of white linen trousers. This outfit gave her a fresh and crispy look, along with keeping comfortable. To keep the theme of her outfit going, she paired this look with a pair of bright colored Nikes.Keeping in mind of the cool Laguna Beach breeze, she decided to carry a denim jacket over her shoulders, just in case!

One Simple Change: Going out with a larger group of friends or family and want to look more put together? Switch out the running shoes for a printed pair of lace up flats!