September 8th, 2015 at 2:00am

Sunny San Diego holds its glory for being THE spot to hit the beach. With perfect weather, who wouldn’t want to? But what if you’re not spending your Sunday afternoon soakin’ up the sun and surfing gnarly waves? Well in that case brunch has become a hit trend for many San Diegans and this trendy Fashionista exemplifies exquisite taste when finding the perfect look.

Brunch doesn’t necessarily mean bright pastels and kitten heels. This Fashionista breaks those rules by pairing different neutrals and keeps the “daytime look” while wearing black. Her Country Club inspired chiffon dress is lightweight enough to be worn during the day. And it being definitely sunny here, sleeveless is the way to go. The black and white sweater trim on the high neck accentuates the brunch vibe by giving it a preppier feel.

Espadrille-inspired flats are the IT shoes right now and this Fashionista struts in a gray studded flat perfect for day or night. Her arm candy abides by one brunch rule as she pairs her look with a pinkish nude Elliot Luca cross-body bucket bag. The hole punched leather and fringe tassel makes every avid brunch-goer gush with envy. Not to mention her simple Marc Jacobs watch and classic Céline glasses highlight the sporty style this Fashionista emits. As if the look couldn’t get anymore diverse, she adds a brass, chain statement necklace that gives off an edgier feel. That being said, who doesn’t love a little edge in their graceful brunch wardrobe? I know I do!

One Simple Change: Breaking a few rules won’t stop this Fashionista from stealing the spotlight at her next brunch crawl. If she swaps out the espadrille-inspired flats with some strappy, suede pumps and adds a trending rock-stud clutch, this Fashionista will be ready to take on “linner!”