September 21st, 2015 at 2:00am

Saturday was a great win for the Hoosiers and the first game of the season but, the tailgating was even better. And while I’m sure you spent all of Saturday night “studying,” you probably woke up Sunday morning looking less than your best if you woke up at a decent time at all. Surprise! Your parents are in town Sunday and they want you to brunch with them. The question is, what do you wear and what do you have clean? Boho brunch is what’s being served.

This Fashionista nails the whole boho vibe with the flowy off-the-shoulder peasant top with lace detail. The medium washed jeans with ripped knees add a more casual vibe so you she’s not over dressed for brunch.  The fringed booties are a great neutral tone and pull the look together giving the boho vibe a slight western twist. A final finishing touch to the outfit is the simple gold statement necklace which really bring out her highlights and compliments her skin tone. Overall, this is a simple yet dressy outfit if one is brunching with their parents. I would highly recommend brunching  at Uptown Café, which is a Bloomington classic.

One Simple Change: After brunch with your parents you decide you want to go out tonight, you can easily take this outfit from day to night by pairing the white boho top with dark wash jeans and a daring red lip the fringed wedge booties already do the rest of the work for you.