September 24th, 2015 at 2:00am

With everyone back on campus, it is essential to catch up with your girlfriends on all the juicy gossip of the summer and nothing screams “girl time” like Sunday brunch. Brunch is also the perfect excuse to break out those outfits that are a little too cute for running from class to class.

This Fashionista explored London this summer and now brings a European flair to her everyday style. “The Big Smoke” is not afraid of mixing blue and black like us in the state are often afraid of attempting. Her black Birkenstocks and tank top are complemented with a mixture of different shades of blue. The harsh navy and white stripes of her pants are subdued by the light blue of her personalized leather tote. Large totes like the one this Fashionista is carrying is essential to any college student. It holds everything that she could need when she is running between her six classes and two jobs and still managing to be on top of her fashion game.

While this Fashionista did get a lot of her style influence from her latest visit to London, she never forgets her roots. By adding a distressed denim jacket, she “edges up” her outfit with an homage to her hometown of Detroit. Adding a few pieces of geometric jewelry also takes this outfit from playing it safe to making a statement.

One Simple Change: Switch out the distressed denim jacket for a black leather jacket and stack on a few more pieces of jewelry to instantly take this look from brunch to date night.