If you look closely between the many pizzarias and trattorias here in Italy, you just might stumble across a sign for a restaurant that reads, “AMERICAN BRUNCH.” Even though Italy doesn’t really do brunch, it’s beginning to catch on. And thank goodness for that. Although coffee bars have delicious cappuccinos and croissants, sometimes some eggs and bacon really hit the spot on a Sunday morning. Italy has begun to hop on the brunch train and the students studying abroad now have another reason to plan an adorable outfit.

This Fashionista’s look is the perfect brunch outfit for an autumn morning. The color scheme of her clothing is happy and colorful, yet the brick reds, forest greens, rustic browns and rose pinks scream fall. She starts off her look with a vintage peasant blouse. Its long sleeves make it ideal for the dropping temperatures of fall and its ruffled neckline adds an interesting detail to the outfit.

Her mid-length patterned skirt is the ideal for brunch. Its striped and floral pattern adds a bit of whimsy to her look while the length of the skirt keeps her comfortable. Mini skirts are so cute but let’s be honest, not the easiest thing to wear.

She finishes off her look with a green and brown leather satchel that can hold some leftover bread rolls from brunch (if no one else is going to eat them, why not?) and anything else she needs to carry with her through the day.

One Simple Change: The weather is starting to get a bit colder, so add a pair of brown leather ankle boots with a chunky heel and a leather jacket to keep you warm during those chilly fall days.