October 19th, 2015 at 2:00am

We all know that when the weekend mornings roll around, there’s only one thing to do: brunch.

To some people, brunch might just be another meal or it might be an activity that is necessary to recap and move forward from the crazy weekend you might have had. Either way, we need to make sure that our outfits are fully prepared to make appearances behind all those eggs Benedict, red velvet pancakes and pressed juices (yes, I live in L.A.).

This Fashionista dressed perfectly to the occasion…and to L.A.’s current 90-degree weather. One can never go wrong with Brandy Melville’s simple and clean staple items. The white crop top she chose is so, so versatile and the black floral shorts add a flirty twist to the simple pairing. What I love the most about this outfit is her subtle homage to the insane trend that I am currently in love with: white sneakers.

Not only do these Nikes add a retro edge to this Fashionista’s look, they guarantee a day of stylish comfort. They’re another amazing staple piece to own. As classic as Chuck Taylor Converse are, this Fashionista added her own interpretation of the white sneaker trend and made it her own. She can pair these sneakers with almost anything and no matter what the outfit, these Nikes will add character. To top it all off, the iconic Céline handbag is added as the statement piece and finishing touch.

Keep it simple and relaxed for your weekend mornings. Sneakers are your best friend all year long!

One Simple Change: Want to continue your weekend vibes into the night? Switch those shorts to a high-waisted, fitted midi skirt to go with the white crop top. Put on a pair of neutral scrappy sandals and go out in the city. If it’s as warm where you are as these balmy nights in L.A., keep the shorts and change into those heels. How easy is that?