I have come to the conclusion that brunch is the new black. The mid-morning meal has always been around, but I’ve noticed it becoming more and more popular. My Instagram feed has been swarmed with images of fluffy french toast and colorful fruit salad a lot recently. I definitely see the appeal. Brunch is the perfect time of day to chow down with friends. It allows you time to sleep in, while also allowing time to get a little more dressed up than what you would for just breakfast. Brunch has an aura of sophistication and class, just like this Fashionista’s outfit of choice.

Are you having trouble picking out an outfit for a brunch in your near future? This Fashionista’s boutique dress is the perfect dress for brunching. The white lace is very feminine and airy, which will keep her cool during the warm summer days. The cut and fit of the dress show off her form and simultaneously keep her elegant. Her floppy hat is the perfect staple addition. The camel color ties in with her ankle booties and it makes the need for sunglasses almost non-existent. Accessories are always a must for brunching, and this Fashionista kept her jewelry simple with some studs, rings and a Michael Kors watch. 

One Simple Change: Going to jam out at a concert after brunching on some awesome food? Remove the hat, throw on some edgy jewelry and put on some dark lipstick. You’ll have the perfect transition from mid-morning meal to music and dancing all night.