Brunch is an especially popular meal on Sunday, the day when almost everyone prefers to sleep in. Even though brunch might just sound like it’s any other meal, it actually has become a tradition for many restaurants and hotels. It is particularly popular during holidays, such as Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day and Easter Sunday, but some people have even decided to host their own to celebrate other festivities. Just like dinner is normally an event where people prefer to dress up, so is brunch. It has turned into an experience, rather than just a meal, which is why dressing up is normally a part of it. Since brunch is normally in the later hours of the morning, it is important to not overdo it. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t dress a little fancier than usual.

I loved this Fashionista’s look for a fun Sunday brunch. It is a very girly look; it’s comfortable enough for a lazy morning, but cute enough to be seen everywhere. The print skirt really makes a statement while making her look girly and elegant, and pairing it up with a colorful tank top adds to the summer vibes. Her sandals are comfortable for walking around, if necessary, while the metallic detail makes her stand out and look very trendy.

I really liked the addition of the flower hair clip. It gave her outfit the perfect summer touch since it’s colorful, and it reminds you of the nice weather outside. Flowers add a feminine touch to any outfit, which is why her outfit looks both girly and ready for a summer morning.

One Simple Change: Want to feel fresh while running errands all day? Just swap the skirt for some shorts and you’ll be ready to take on a warm busy day!