July 27th, 2015 at 2:00am

We’ve all experienced those events that call for casual attire with a touch of class. These events can be tricky because you have to find a perfect balance between the two styles without going overboard. Having brunch at a restaurant is a perfect example of one of these occasions. This time isn’t as formal as dinner, but it may not be extremely casual either. So, how can we blend the two?

This Fashionisto shows us the way. Classic linen shorts are paired with boat shoes, which gives the outfit a preppy look. These shoes are perfect for the occasion because they aren’t too casual but still add a touch of class. The outfit is dressed down with the addition of a graphic T-shirt. It is important to use a shirt that isn’t too distracting, because the blend of each style should be clearly visible and one shouldn’t overpower the other. A sleek black watch is worn on his left hand, which reflects the class in his shorts ad shoes. This is complemented with his black sunglasses, which reflect the element of edge found in his graphic T-shirt. A simple white bracelet on the left hand completes the outfit. With this look, this Fashionisto is prepared to dine in style!

One Simple Change: Going out with friends later? Dress down the look even further by swapping your linen shorts with blue denim jeans. This garment is perfect for transitioning into fun, laid back events like going to the movies or even an amusement park!