July 23rd, 2015 at 2:00am

Call me basic, but brunch is hands down my favorite meal of the day. As a proud resident of New Jersey, the diner capital of the world, brunch food is super easy to come by here. Friends, waffles, cute clothes—it’s a great way to start the day. As for me, I enjoy scarfing down my usual Nutella strawberry crepes in record time. A nice glass of apple juice is always appreciated, too. Rutgers has countless brunch choices on campus. What’s your favorite brunch spot?

This Fashionista is simply adorable. I love her bright mint green tank top, particularly its detailing. The bold color exudes a nice summer vibe that would stand out from a crowd. It’s a great contrast against the subtlety of the otherwise white look. The white pants offer ample comfort, so she won’t be fidgeting in it when she’s sitting down at brunch, as she would if she were to be wearing a skirt. Finally, the wedges are a nice bonus to the ensemble, since it allows the outfit to be somewhat dressier. Altogether, this outfit is effortlessly chic and ready for any outing. This look is definitely an ideal choice when debating what to wear to brunch with the girls.

One Simple Change: Don’t limit yourself to just brunch! This outfit works for a number of outings. If you’re going out to dinner during those chilly summer evenings, feel free to throw on a denim jacket over that tank top. This will keep you warm, while maintaining your cool and casual look in the moonlight.