I’ve been writing all summer about how fashion is the greatest way to silently convey to strangers and friends alike just who you are. While what you wear is important, how you wear it may be even more important. I caught this Fashionista on her way to a daytime meal wearing the two most important accessories anyone can wear: her confidence and a smile.

The way that this Fashionista walked, talked and poised herself impressed me first and made me stop her to ask about what she was wearing. Only after we started chatting did I notice other small details that wrapped this outfit together. She wore a small, silver diamond necklace to match her equally delicate diamond stud earrings. These maintenance accessories are great for a hot day when you will be out to meet with friends or family over brunch.

Her outfit is composed of a skater skirt and a black scoop neck shirt. I love the deep purple color of the skirt and black is my absolute favorite neutral! Even though the weather is warm, there are no rules in fashion, and this Fashionista’s self-assurance allowed her to effortlessly pull of the dark colors in the summer. A simple black shirt is a great go-to when you are meeting up with friends for brunch.

My single biggest fashion tip is to never forget your confidence at home! Regardless of where you’re going or what else you’re wearing, being sure that you look great is the easiest way for you to actually look great. This Fashionista nailed this and probably had a stellar day.

One Simple Change: An easy way to take this outfit from brunch to a girl’s night out would be to swap out the sandals for a pair of black heels. This is a great advantage to the on-trend skater skirt because it is so versatile. Adding a pair of black pumps would make this outfit slightly flirty and extra cute.