July 16th, 2015 at 2:00am

Unfortunately, the weather this summer in Kentucky has not been bright and sunny every day like most of us would prefer. We have had non-stop rain showers every week which has brought the temperatures way down calling for a different wardrobe from the normal shorts and tank top. Luckily, for the days when the sun is away, you can pull out a few of your versatile pieces to adjust to the weather.

Waking up on a cooler, cloudy day calls for a change of pace from your summer outfits. When going to brunch, you can copy this Fashionista and put on a colorful pair of pants to brighten up your day. He chose this rust color pant that coordinates really well with his navy and white T-shirt from J.Crew. This Fashionista has all of his staple J.Crew pieces flowing perfectly by changing up the color scheme but keeping it classic. He ties his outfit together by wearing the thick brown belt that goes with everything. Brown and navy don’t always go together, but when this Fashionista adds the rust color beneath both colors, it draws attention to the whole ensemble instead of just one aspect. To match his brown belt, he wears the brown loafers to be classy, comfortable and casual.

Finish off this whole outfit by wearing your favorite watch so that you can keep track of time while out to brunch.  Also, you have to have your aviators handy in case the sun pops out in between showers and even if it doesn’t, sunglasses are always acceptable in the summer no matter what the weather.

One Simple Change: To take this outfit from summer to fall, you can simply add the brown leather jacket you’ve been dying to put on again.