July 15th, 2015 at 2:00am

There is nothing quite like a delicious Sunday brunch! The smell of warm pancakes and fresh coffee in the air automatically puts a smile on my face. The endless options of food on the menu makes my heart sing. Brunch is held at the absolute perfect time of day. A late morning or early afternoon gives you more time to stay in bed, but with most of the day left at your disposable. Whether you are with friends, family or a significant other, brunch is an occasion that begs for a super cute outfit. This Fashionista encompasses everything and more that’s needed for a perfect brunch attire.

Decked in chicness from head to toe, I could not stop staring at her styling choices. She wears a bodycon, short sleeve floral dress as the basis for her look. She adds a lime green, neon tote as an awesome statement piece! It plays up the colors of the flowers in her dress, making them pop even more. With a rose gold watch, gold triangle earrings and a gold layered necklace, she accessorizes to add edge without over doing it. Her simple black sandals complete the entire look. There is so much to look at within her outfit, and it all works perfectly together!

One Simple Change: It is a little known fact that all college students’ unofficial minor is networking. If you are out for brunch in an outfit similar to this, adding a blazer over the dress will make the ensemble more business casual. This will work for an internship, informal interview or professional meeting.