Oh, how we love brunch dates during the summer. There is something so liberating about asking for a “table outside” when the host asks where you request to be seated. Feeling the breeze and hearing cars pass by while sitting under the warm sunshine makes for a beautiful setting to catch up with an old friend. This Fashionista played her cards right when choosing her outfit for this occasion.

For starters, as I have mentioned in previous articles, rompers are just about always a great choice when dressing for any casual occasion. The solid colored romper that she is wearing brings out her bright eyes and straight hair. A romper featuring a pattern has the potential to take away from the wearer’s natural (and most beautiful) features. From her head to her feet, this Fashionista is dressed to perfection. She selected peep toe wedges as her shoe of choice to tie the outfit together. Wedges are considered to be more casual than heels, yet not near as casual as sandals. Her shoe choice is what really dresses up her solid colored romper.

The silver zippers that double as pockets answer the everlasting question of whether it is best to wear gold or silver jewelry, as they are silver themselves. These small yet prominent features determine it is best for her to accessorize with all things silver. As always, Alex and Ani bracelets are an ideal choice to pair with a necklace. To complete the look, this gorgeous girl opted to break up the solid color of her romper with a long “Y” necklace that gives her body symmetry while matching in an effortless manner.

One Simple Change: Going into the city for an interview or lunch with a big wig in the company you are dying to intern for? Instead of wearing your hair down, try pulling your hair back in a slick pony to accentuate your face and finish the look off with pearls. It’ll win them over for sure!