July 20th, 2015 at 2:00am

If you and I are anything alike, then we both dread the mornings and barley wake up in time for brunch. Although the mornings are tough, finding an outfit to make up for the late start is a bigger challenge. “Should I kiss the day goodbye, and hang around in my sweatpants all day? Wait a second! I’m actually late to something!” Unfortunately, this is how most of my days begin, and I usually have to choose an outfit that can play many roles. Brunch, like another Instagram worthy meal, comes along with its own formalities and dress code expectations. It’s an outfit that has to be comfortable and put together.

This Fashionista has hit the jackpot by finding the perfect balance that meets my criteria. Not only is this look cute but also versatile. The stretchy jersey material dress does not constrain movement. Instead, it almost provides you the comfort and freedom of your sweatpants. Even though this simple dress is very casual, this Fashionista understands the rules of accessorizing. The key is to add a statement bag. This accessory transforms a basic jersey dress into a perfect outfit for brunch with the girls. It achieves this goal without compromising the comfort of what could be a rough day.

One Simple Change: If you already missed out on the first half of your day, just make sure to enjoy the night. You can make this outfit ready for a date night by swapping out the sandals and replacing them with your favorite pair of heels. Nothing reflects more confidence than being comfortable in your own skin. If a comfy dress and a nice pair of shoes help, then create a look that enhances your self-confidence.