If you’re an avid lover of breakfast food like me, then there is nothing more glorious than walking into iHop around noon, ordering a stack of pancakes and calling it brunch. What makes it even better is that it is still an acceptable time of day to be relatively lazy and relaxed in your outfit.

The Fashionista’s top is made entirely of a casual crotched lace and is perfect for any summer day. Made entirely in white, the top is extremely versatile and can be paired with jeans, as seen above, a pair of shorts or a skirt for a casual look.

The top is a little too hidden underneath the Fashionista’s gray jacket. A loose fitted cardigan of the same color would have been a better fit for the outfit and would have helped with the unusually cold weather that day.

To accessorize her look, the Fashionista added a pop of color with her bag and shoes. By doing so, she balanced out the lack of color in the rest of her outfit. The color blue present in her bag is perfect for not only spring and summer, but can also be put away for autumn and pulled back out for winter. Her shoes are perfect for both spring and summer, as well, but I would recommend putting them away for the colder seasons.

One Simple Change: Got people to see? Things to do? This outfit can easily be altered to fit your needs if you’re running errands. Chances are, you will be doing plenty of walking, or even running, so switch out the platform flip flops for a pair of TOMS Shoes or sandals.