Today is the first day of July, which means summer vacation is in full swing for students around the country. With high temperatures here in the Southwest, I have found that more people enjoy spending their time indoors or by the pool, which makes finding brave souls who are prepared to endure this heat a little bit of a challenge. This Fashionista, however, was dressed to impress on her way to brunch, all while facing the desert sun.

Her outfit is perfect for a brunch with friends, especially in this heat. This short, flowy dress looks classy, but is also breathable for when the temperatures begin to reach triple digits. A dress with light fabric is moveable, which is great for walking around outside or sitting at a restaurant. She keeps her look casual with simple black gladiator sandals that are comfortable for walking around in, but are also very in style this summer. Gladiators like these are a staple item in any Fashionista’s closet! Her outfit is very simple and casual but stylish for these warmer months.

One Simple Change: Dressing for a date night during the summer can be a bit tricky, especially when the weather barely cools down at night, but having a flowy mini dress in your closet is the perfect item to make a statement when you are out with your date. Adding a unique necklace can really dress up the look. Pairing this dress with some wedges and colorful accessories is sure to turn heads wherever your date may be.