Late mornings during summer vacations are not uncommon. So, what is a girl supposed to do in these situations? Go get brunch! It is an excellent way to keep in touch with your friends during the summer, and it also gets your day started. So where do you go to? In reality, we have endless options to choose from. Personally, I adore going to an organic café. I can get a nice healthy meal that will keep me full for a long time. Choosing an outfit for brunch is an essential part of the experience. Summer gives you the opportunity to play with color and trends. One of my favorite trends that people integrate to their brunch outfits is the use of playsuits. This specific trend was huge during 2014, and it still has an enormous appeal to Fashionistas all around the world. This trend dates back to the 1930s, and many designers have used this as an inspiration for their spring and summer runways this year. Some of my favorite playsuit looks were from Elie Saab, Versace and Missoni.

This Fashionista is rocking the perfect look for brunch this summer. She is wearing a Jack Wills denim playsuit with detailing in the waist. This gives a little more shape to the outfit by drawing attention to the Fashionista’s waist. This effect is the perfect option for people to simulate an hourglass figure. You can also achieve this effect by using different textures and colors. She also wore a pair of taupe wedges and gold accessories. She had a large Michael Kors watch, an embellished headband and owl shaped earrings. This seems like a fun, chic outfit to wear for a warm day. It seems comfortable, which will allow the Fashionista to complete her daily activities.

One Simple Change: I love the versatility of jumpsuits. It can very easily be transformed to fit any occasion. Switch your shoes for a pair purple fringe sandals and turn this daytime look into the perfect date night outfit.