During the dwindling hours of the weekend, it is stressful to attempt to compose an elegant outfit that is also comfortable. When one thinks of brunch, one usually thinks of a white blouse, denim pants and strappy sandals. Even just thinking about attempting to squeeze into those tight, skinny jeans makes me uncomfortable, especially after an indulgent weekend. Today, I want to stray away from this norm, and steer toward monochromatic colors and loose, comfortable fitting clothes.

The hot summer heat is not an excuse to dress too casually when meeting up with your girls for Sunday brunch. This Fashionista did not shy away from doing just that! Not only is she wearing mostly black, but she is doing it with comfort (besides the heels). The key element is how she was able to dress up her silk drawstring pants. Not only are these pants very comfortable, but they are a perfect alternative to sweats. This choice of pant wear is perfect, especially if you are wary of wearing stiff pants during the early hours of Sunday. Adding a white oxford under a light knit sweater is pertinent in an otherwise nightwear-inspired outfit. Also, how amazing is this vegan leather backpack? Not only is it comfortable due to its function as a backpack, but also it is an elegant piece, making this item just perfect for a comfortable and trendy outfit. Lastly, this Fashionista’s heels elevate this look by tying together the sophisticated, yet casual brunch look.

One Simple Change: Have an important interview to attend directly after brunch? By simply adding a neutral colored, oversized blazer, you are able to elevate your formal, yet fashion forward look. This is perfect for standing out in the crowd and leaving a positive, lasting impression on your interviewer!