As we are getting more into summer, a lot of us are keeping busy with fun plans like vacation and concerts. On the other hand, a good percentage of us college students are spending most of our time working. However, the beauty of summer is that we get to sleep in, unless you have to get up really early for work. Depending on what time you consider sleeping in, by the time you wake up you might not be in the mood for typical breakfast food. Thankfully, some genius came up with the word brunch! Summer is also a great time to have brunch with your friends from home. You can enjoy great food and catch up on each other’s lives while you all were away at school.

The great thing about brunch is that there is no specific way to dress. You can keep it casual and comfortable or look totally glamorous. This Fashionista chose a girly and minimalistic look for her brunch date with her friends. From my own perspective, it looks like this cute midi skirt was the base of her outfit. It is obvious that she wanted to keep her outfit simple since she paired her skirt with a basic, plum-colored crop top turtleneck. As you can see, she is wearing very few accessories but a pair of silver hoop earrings and cross-shaped studs. To complete her mature ensemble, this Fashionista puts on a pair of black, edgy ankle-strap flats to give her outfit some flavor.

One Simple Change: After your brunch date you and your friends might want to hit up the mall, you might want to wear something a little more casual. Just simply swap the midi skirt with a pair of high-waisted shorts and switch out the flats for a comfortable sneaker like Vans or Converse.