Brunch is easily one of my favorite gatherings because not only does it supply fabulous cocktails and eats, but you also get to sleep in, which is always a plus. Aside from the etiquette required at a brunch, there is also a dress code that should be adhered to. Since brunch can range anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour, you want to make sure you are comfortable to catch up with friends and treat yourself to the ultimate dining experience.

This dress is perfect for brunch with friends because of its fun shape and color. You definitely won’t blend in with a multi-colored print, which is a must for summer. A floral print shows up in fashion magazines year after year, so in order to stay current, a new approach to the print and cut is essential. The cutout on this dress is great for a little flirty vibe that is totally acceptable before noon.

Flats are usually the best bet for this kind of occasion because after treating yourselves, a walk around the neighborhood may be in order. Black flats work with this piece because of the pop of color on the toes. This Fashionista was able to pull the whole look together with this simple touch.

 One Simple Change: Done for the day but still obsessing over your dress? Take this look out for a night on the town by swapping the flats for a pair of wedges and a fitted leather jacket. Pick a color that will match your dress or channel your dark side with black shoes and matching coat.