With me taking classes and my friend working all the time, there seems to be no real time for us to hang out. There have been several failed plans to go out to get drinks or to see a movie. Finally, I offered up the idea of breakfast. Of course, this meant meeting at 7:00 a.m. in the morning on an already busy day for both of us, and no, this wasn’t Sex and the City. Brunch took place in Skidmore’s dining hall with DIY eggs and bagels.

Even meeting at this early time is this less-than-ideal, this Fashionista looked like we were going to a brunch in New York City. She did not dress for who we were in that moment, but instead, she wore something for who we wanted to be. College can end up feeling like a funk of sweatpants and greasy hair, but life after college forces you to actually get dressed to go to class.

What she did best here was use a neutral to center the color in her outfit. Her gray, jersey dress allows for a transition piece during the summer. Here, it works under her bright sweater, but in the afternoons when it warms up, she has a simple neutral to be shown off underneath. Her amazing colorful, oversized sweater keep her warm during chilly summer mornings but don’t fall into looking like a winter piece. Her brown booties are perfect for walking around after days of rain and act as a neutral to counter her bold purse. The color from her purse ties in with her sweater, and it was the perfect accessory to finish up her outfit.

This outfit is perfect for meeting a friend for a quick brunch. It’s uncomplicated, but still leaves a lasting impression. Most importantly, this Fashionista owns it. She woke up and decided to dress for who she wanted to be and how she wanted to feel. The minute I saw her, my camera was out to record this Fashionista.

One Simple Change: To take this Fashionista’s look from brunch to going out, she could just change her oversized sweater into a leather jacket. Or to carry it into July and August, she could add a tangerine lipstick to match her bag.