What is the best part of the weekend? Brunch! No matter the location, brunch is the perfect opportunity to relax and catch up on the latest weekend gossip. Whether it is casual or dressy, brunch attire needs to be festive! So, gather your friends and slip on your favorite dress because bottomless mimosas are in your future!

Brunch is an essential weekend activity, but what is even more essential is your outfit. The outfit you wear to brunch will most likely be your outfit for the day, so pick something versatile! If the rest of your day consists of running errands, make sure to wear something comfortable and trendy! Brunch provides an excellent opportunity to wear something bold. Try out a floppy hat or a new hairstyle! You will be pleased by the results!

This Fashionista is debuting an ideal brunch ensemble. Her light dress is perfect for a hot summer day. Her wedge sandals offer enough support to be worn all day long. This Fashionista added a burst of color with her fiery red purse. Her shiny bracelets and rings create a sense of glamor and shine. She pulled the whole look together with a pair of white sunglasses. Her glasses add a vintage twist to her entire outfit. This Fashionista is ready to indulge in a fabulous brunch!

One Simple Change: Just finished a relaxing brunch and want to meet up with some friends? Easy! Switch your wedges to a shiny pair of sandals. Downsize from a purse to a bright clutch. You will be comfortable and look amazing, ready for a great night out with friends!