Wisconsin weather has given us rain and 43 degree weather, so when we want to brunch it’s hard to stay chic and fashionable. However, this Fashionista did not care. She threw on her jacket and showed mother nature who’s boss. Here’s a Wisconsin Fashionista who’s ready for any kind of weather and has an outfit for every occasion, especially brunch.

By pairing a jacket with a go-to black dress, there are no if’s ands or buts about looking fabulous. The Fashionista featured in my article conquered the look by adding subtle colors like pink and tan to brighten the dull black. She also played it up by adding an unique and sophisticated belt. Adding the belt helped shape the dress by cinching it above the hips. This look is fabulous for a brunch with the gals, parents or the boy. It hits all the points in the rule book from accessories to beauty necessities and all the way down to the art on the toe nails. So go on Fashionista and start at those blueberry pancakes or eggs Benedict and hit up that espresso bar.

Even though there’s not much to change about this already wonderful outfit, there are some things that many Fashionista/o’s can do to create a look for another occasion as well by adding different pieces of clothing to the outfit.

One Simple Change: For example, adding a blazer or a statement necklace can create a strong look for an interview or internship. Just by simply adding a blazer to this outfit, it can create more of a business-like feel for the work world. And adding jewelry, such as a statement necklace, helps make the outfit pop and gives it a more distinct style and screams fierce and confident.