June 3rd, 2015 at 2:00am

Let’s be honest, breakfast is all too passé. And, well, lunch is only acceptable for people who ate breakfast. So, with stomachs growling, we turn to the perfect midday soirée…brunch. It’s a definite do in my book. It’s also an ultimate start to a killer GDO (girls’ day out).

Honestly, what could be better than recovering from a fun-filled weekend of sleepless nights than a little gossip filled pick-me-up with the gals?

Doing so while looking drop dead gorgeous. That’s what.

Every Fashionista knows that being the girl who shows up in last night’s clothes is a huge no-no; it’s fashion suicide. So what is the perfect ensemble for the meal that’s stuck between buttermilks and BLTs? This stunning and very modish fashion goddess has the answer. Warning: it’s très chic.

It’s time to give the skinny the boot and embrace the boyfriend. They’re the perfect combo of tailored and relaxed, giving this Fashionista an “I just woke up like this,” un-pushed vibe. Whoever said Abercrombie & Fitch was going out of style was obviously mistaken—just look at those rockin’ jeans. (Tip: always cuff the bottoms when going for a slouchy feel).

Although the boyfriend jean is the key to this Fashionista’s look, her juxtaposition of grunge jeans with the sweet, baby doll tank top from Topshop makes for a perfectly balanced combination. The sweetheart neckline and perfect pleats are very on point with trends this summer. And similar to the perfect Sunday brunch-day, this top is light and airy in all the right ways.

Our Fashionista knows not to stop halfway down the runway. She polished off her look with a pair of low, Cole Haan wedges—perfect for the occasion. Brunch is not the club; make a separate spot in your armoire for your sky-high stilettos. A little extra height will suffice.

But, the highlight of this outfit is 100 percent the fabulous arm candy. Can we take a moment to discuss the immaculate, impeccable, flawless, not-enough-words-in-the-human-language, amazingness of this Chanel cuff? It is absolutely stunning. I can guarantee that if you throw on a statement piece like this, no one will be eyeing your Belgian waffle…they’ll be too busy staring at your bling. Take a clue from this featured fashion icon in the making and dress to impress.

One Simple Change: Trade in the boyfriend jeans for some funky, leather shorts and fetch those sky-high stilettos back out from the corner of your closet and you’re ready to take on the town with the girls.