June 2nd, 2015 at 2:00am

Summer is a time for lightweight clothing that makes you feel free and comfortable while still looking your best. Nice weather always makes people more likely to want to go out and try new things, whether it be a new hobby, a new café or even a new coffee order.

This Fashionista was ready to hit the town for brunch with some friends for Memorial Day weekend. What I loved most about this look was that it was so unique and chic. It was also comfortable for this warm weather. The elaborately patterned elephant flared pants go perfect with the more simple and sheer beige crop top. Flared patterned pants are becoming a more sophisticated and feminine version of the gaucho pants, and I think they are a must-have for every Fashionista this summer. This style proves that you can still look fancy while wearing pants. The necklace is really what makes the outfit good for brunch because it heightens the status of the outfit, making it look more elegant and dainty. Also, this Fashionista puts her own twist on the outfit by adding her floral headband, which is her own signature summer look that goes well with her boho-chic outfit. Floral headbands are very popular, especially in warmer seasons, and when they are made tastefully, such as this one, they can make an outfit either look more graceful or spruce it up a bit.

Lastly, the booties help keep the pants from dragging on the floor and also add more height to the Fashionista so that the flared pants do not shorten her legs. Leather shoes with decorative cutouts are a big trend as well, especially in the summertime when people are more likely to wear heels. These shoes are the finishing touch to this Fashionista’s brunch look.

One Simple Change: One thing I would change about this outfit is to having a simple top that does not have extra fringe at the bottom since the pants are already so elaborate. I would also suggest a more form fitted shirt to contrast with the loose pants. Adding a more form fitted top could make this outfit better for a girl’s night out.