WHAT TO WEAR: Breaking the Commandments

As dedicated disciples of fashion, we are all aware of the commandments laid out in the fashion bible: thou shalt not wear horizontal stripes, mismatched patterns or white after Labor Day. These laws have been drilled into us since we were young, malleable kids. Although these have been the rules of fashion for as long as we can remember, the jig is up—the fashion world has borne false witness. It’s about time we unlearn these outdated fundamentals of fashion. Disregard the misconceptions because the only guideline should be to dress in a way that makes you feel dope.

With this movement in mind, I caught this rebellious Fashionisto stunting in the streets of Peoria. Pairing his mismatched bleach dipped flannel and Americana bandana made for an edgy, unexpected look. To ground his outfit, he paired his mismatched patterns with some classics: a green bomber, cuffed skinny jeans and some neutral Converse.

If you decide to disregard these outdated rules like this Fashionisto has, you should be able to look into your closet and discover a multitude of different outfit combinations that you never would have before. That perpetual feeling of “I never have anything to wear” will be one of the past. For example, instead of pairing your favorite striped blouse with your black cigarette pants, dig out those plaid slacks or that cheetah print skirt from the depths of your closet that you haven’t worn since New Years Eve freshman year.

So get out there, be sinful in the eyes of the fashion gods, and write your own commandments.