WHAT TO WEAR: Break up the Black

If you’re anything like me, winter basically equates to wearing black all day, every day. It’s a rut that is hard to get out of, especially on cold class days, but this Fashionisto absolutely nailed it. He showed me a way to indeed break up the black and have a fun, refreshing, and warm winter look to wear to class.

For starters, the complement of the rolled pants and black patent shoes is a gender-neutral combo that always looks good. It is professional but not over the top. It’s a classic spin on jeans and sneakers and something that naturally can class up any look. One roll of your pants and you’ve got yourself a more interesting look already. Apart from that, the layering is a really important aspect. By wearing a long sleeve turtleneck under the button-down, he adds dimension and warmth. Finding innovative ways to layer is one of the best things you can do during winter, especially when you have to walk from class to class on campus.

The true attention grabber of this look though, is the red and blue shirt that disturbs the rest of the all-black ensemble. Not only does it add an element of surprise but it makes the look more interesting and intriguing. A quirky top like this could easily be found at the thrift store from either the men’s or women’s sections.

Finally, the outfit is completed with cool accessorization. The simple black satchel flows well with the rest of the garment; the cool jewelry and watch add edge. Even the smallest things such as ear adornments can make or break an outfit and here you can see how it keeps the getup going from top to bottom.

Overall, this classroom ready look was really inspiring to me because it was a take on what we usually wear all winter. By substituting one section of color-blocking for a pattern, a unique look is created. And with spot on accessories, as seen here, the perfect composition is ready.