WHAT TO WEAR: Bold in the Winter

Have you ever walked around campus and noticed that once it becomes cold and dreary, people start dressing the same exact way? The sidewalks are filled with people bundled up in black and gray, so it’s definitely more difficult to be a trendsetter during the colder seasons; which is why this Fashionista caught my attention.

This featured Fashionista wanted to bring some color to this chilling season to make a bold statement. She color-blocks with a neon orange fur hooded coat, which is both bold and trendy since the detail of faux fur is in style this season. In order to remain even warmer, she layers a brightly colored yellow windbreaker atop a graphic T-shirt, patterned in popsicles (which of course I thought was pretty contradictory considering it’s cold outside). The outfit is matched with a red toned beanie, to tackle the warm color palette she’s aiming for, and a pair of cat eye sunglasses that gleam with a subtle mosaic pattern. To finish off the warm (yet, cold) look, she carries along a Prada purse in the shade of a pumpkin.

I loved this look because it was fun even amidst a gloomy season. It’s definitely comfortable and adventurous to wear on the way to class because it couples the idea of staying warm and fashionable, without being boring. Personally, I always have to plan my outfits in the winter more accordingly because layering can be a little tough, especially when walking through campus outdoors. It isn’t always easy to show off a look when you’re hiding under three or four layers, solely to keep warm!