WHAT TO WEAR: Black Tie Event

WHAT TO WEAR: Black Tie Event

Black tie events are always difficult to dress for. Do I wear all-black? Do I wear a short dress? Long dress? What accessories are appropriate? With winter approaching it may be easy to just throw in the towel and wear your typical black dress and plain heels you always wear. However, while the simple black dress may never go out of style, you can still add some of your own flare to to it with shoes and accessories and look great for the event.

This Fashionista is rocking a black cutout, short A-line dress with lace-up black high heels. While she may just be wearing a black dress, this dress is anything but boring. The cutout below the chest is enough to make the dress interesting, yet still appropriate. In addition, her lace-up black heels elongate her legs and bring excitement to the outfit.

As far as accessories go, this Fashionista’s contrast of silver and gold jewelry adds a little flare and dressiness to the otherwise simple outfit. My favorite part of the look, though, is the makeup this Fashionista is rocking. Her dark lip and a smoky eye are the perfect combination to take this dress from a typical Saturday date outfit to a black tie affair.

Dressing up for fancy events can definitely be intimidating, especially because nobody wants to buy a whole new outfit for every wedding or affair they have. However, adding some spunky shoes and spending time on your makeup and hair can really take your old black dress from pretty to fabulous.

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