WHAT TO WEAR: Black is Back

WHAT TO WEAR: Black is Back

Spring is here, and the boys are ready. Who wrote the rule that says you can only wear pastels in the spring? Not me. Everyone normally gets all excited to wear bright colors and shed off some layers. While that might be true, all spring clothes aren’t always bright and pretty. Black is back, and it’s here to stay… until someone invents a darker color.

What color do you think of when someone says chic? I know I immediately think black. Whether it’s a mix and match of colors or just all black, this color can do so much to a look. For boys, black just tends to look good on us. It does great things for an image as well. Whether it’s wanting to look slim or just trying to be chic, guys like the color just as much as girls.

My Fashionisto loves to look good at all times. He told me that it’s an image choice, and he very rarely likes to dress down. Accessorizing is a major key to his wardrobe. He loves a good necklace and hat. In these photos he chose to wear a short-sleeve, black, cowl neck shirt, black skinny jeans, and black Chelsea boots. To accessorize he chose a black bracelet, a gold bullet necklace, and a black fedora hat. This entire outfit was all from ASOS. He told me he likes to buy entire outfits.

So let’s hear it for the boys, they know how to do spring style, and its not all pastels and florals. Black is back, and the boys know how to do chic too. Girls, take notes.