WHAT TO WEAR: Below Freezing Fashion

January is gone and the dreaded month of February has approached us. Until you go to college and don’t have the heat blasting in your face in your Jeep Wrangler while on your way to school or being able to jump in your car right away and drive to wherever you want. Instead you are pondering over whether or not you should uber to your sorority chapter meeting or bare the cold snow and windy walk. The next thought is, how do I still look somewhat trendy and cool while doing all of this? Wearing your plain black knee-length parka all the time can tend to kill the mood when it comes to fashion. This is my below freezing fashion take on that.

Quick style tip: I think that the most important thing that comes into play during this time of the year is layers. No one is going to notice that you are rocking three T-shirts, two sweatshirts, and a sweater. Their eyes will be on your effortlessly subtle winter style. Here is how you can take a boring parka and dress it up. You will be making heads turn with these style tips and tricks.

In this outfit I centered it around the green winter parka. You can not go wrong with army green, it goes with so much and can transform an outfit in a second. I think the second most important thing are some killer combat boots. This pair here has a layer of fur on the inside to keep your toes warm. Lately I have been obsessing over legs warmers, you can easily add them to any outfit and it changes everything completely (plus you get the added bonus of keeping your legs warm and toasty). I think that cute sweaters are a must-have when it comes to winter fashion. The problem with most of them is that they can be itchy. My favorite brands are Madewell and Free People because not only do they look amaze but they’re also so warm. If I am going for a scarf look during the day then I will put on regular sweaters but, if i am not feeling the scarf look, like this outfit, than elephant neck sweaters are a yes! In the winter months I stray away from wearing my hair up because I find that when I wear it down it protects my neck and ears even more from the cold. You can always throw on a beanie and get going. Stay warm, bundle up, and keep on rocking you.