WHAT TO WEAR: Being Busy, Staying Fashionable

As we enter into our final years of college, the breath we’ve all been holding in while enduring the seemingly endless barrage of assignments and lectures is slowly beginning to release. Or is it too soon to let your guard down? Being a college student has its hardships, but the reality is that the ups will always have downs and regardless of whether you are ready for it, life will come at you fast. Juggling school and your personal life is difficult in itself, but adding jobs and internships creates a whole different equation—one you may not have the answer for. But at least you can dress for the occasion when it comes up.

It’s time to talk business. When you have that important internship or job that allows for you to express your inner style, what do you wear to be both practical and chic? This Fashionista isn’t afraid to show that she knows her stuff.

She is just like any one of us, except she knows how to build a wardrobe. She pairs her daily staples in a tactful way to make her outfit both suitable for a day out with her friends or a day in getting the bills paid. Her combination of different textures and patterns throughout her outfit makes it more fun to bring into the office. With a denim button-down tucked into some simple black pants, she makes her look more put together and styled with intention, while a tweed blazer with a loose fit brings comfort and warmth. Her choice of wedge sandals makes running errands a breeze and her accessories help bring variety to her total look. She proves a backpack not only serves to carry your items, but makes you look presentable too!

Take this as a reminder to pay attention to what clothes you buy. Let there be a limit to how many trendy clothes you buy and try to invest in staple pieces instead. This Fashionista shows that a well prepared closet full of essentials and basics can make for a proper outfit no matter the time. From a regular trip to the grocery store to an important business function, you can bet this Fashionista is ready to step up to the occasion.