WHAT TO WEAR: Bae-sball

The last days of October have been absolutely wild in Chicago! Not only did we say goodbye to the season of spooks with some good ole’ Halloween bashes, sports fans were filling the streets itching to catch of glimpse of a packed Wrigley Field. The “Cubbies” were home for two games of the World Series, which made Chicago the place to be even if sports aren’t exactly your forte.To be honest, I’ve actually never cared to follow sports, but moving to a city where the Blackhawks store is like a hockey fan’s candy store and whether you’re a Sox or Cubs fan is a heated debate is getting to me in a good way. The extra liveliness of the windy city and the energy from passionate fans is so contagious, I just can’t help myself! I found myself scanning every fan’s outfit, seeing who incorporated a standout feature or who was rocking a classic jersey. That’s when I found this Fashionista, roaming the neighborhood in her simple, spirited gear.

With so many jersey’s, so much blue, red and white, it’s hard to decide who got it right! However, this Fashionista was on point. What I liked about her outfit was the overall simplicity and class of it. This is an outfit anyone can pull off last minute on a college budget, and that’s what I like about fashion–the ability to afford something, look good and feel comfortable in it. Her spunk and spirit is what makes the outfit. Like I’ve said before, the person wears the outfit, not the other way around! It’s basic and doesn’t get in the way of having a good time in all the Chicago madness.

Her favorite light wash skinny jeans looked so good with her basic gray T-shirt. There was a high chance for rain that night; who would want to walk around all night in a soaked white T-shirt? There’s absolutely no time for that! She shows off her team spirit with this Rizzo jersey, which is unbuttoned to keep her cool as she wanders throughout the neighborhood during the day, but thick enough to keep her warm while she celebrates the Cubs during the night. I can’t conclude without mentioning her sneakers! One cannot go wrong with a pair of sneakers like these. Sporting something basic, traditional and comfortable for a sporting event can be considered stylish as long as the confidence and attitude is on point.