WHAT TO WEAR: Back to Style

As weather warms up slightly, there has been more fashion spotted. Without the mom coats worn everywhere, we are able to see some nice details in outfits worn by some Fashionistas.

This Fashionista is dressing so cute for class. She somehow pulls off a winter/spring look, as we do not know what season it is up here in Pullman, Washington. Her olive green cargo jacket keeps her warm and trendy. Olive green is a great color this season and will match anything in your closet. With a cargo jacket, you could add some patches or splattered paint to make it a statement jacket of the year.

Her lace-up shirt keeps her looking trendy, as well as her matching dark wash jeans, which give her a clean, polished look. Denim is everywhere right now with designs, embellishments, paint, you name it; so do not be afraid to add something more to your normal day-to-day jeans.

This Fashionista is spotted in these super cute booties. The color of the booties really ties this whole outfit together and gives it a pop of color. These boots look very versatile and can be worn any season with shorts, dresses, and, of course, jeans.

My favorite piece of her outfit is her navy blue backpack. This backpack can be used for class, work, or even as a day-to-day purse. It is super comfortable, versatile, simple, and fashionable.

This Fashionista looked amazing in this outfit and is making me go buy this backpack ASAP so that I might actually want to go to class.