WHAT TO WEAR: Back to School

It’s that time again! We are all filling into classrooms, pretending to listen to our professor blather on about the self-explanatory syllabus (I can read, thanks.) You are in a room surrounded by 20-200 strangers. What’s the best way to break the ice? A well put together and expressive outfit that is sure to turn heads.

I whipped my head so fast; I almost broke my neck. This Fashionisto was hanging out in front of Bojangles in between classes, looking like money. He is rocking the camel duster that all my favorite fashion bloggers are in love with at the moment. The ever-present Kim Kardashian put the gorgeous beige on the map with an American Apparel bodycon last year. Here, the Fashionisto styles the bold coat with a pair of sleek black leather joggers. The quilted pattern adds a layer of edge to the dynamic outfit.

The mixture of patterns and fabrics in this ensemble are to die for! The camel adds a subtle hint of brightness to the dreary, cloudy day, while adding warmth in the subarctic temperatures. This Fashionisto excels at layering with the addition of gray fur to keep him warm and comfy in the cold lecture halls, while adding a simple touch of texture.The touch of burgundy in his hat perfectly complements the other neutrals he features.

Follow in the footsteps of the crisp and grungy Dr. Martens this Fashionisto rocks, and you are certain to show off a multidimensional and clean look.

One Simple Change: The day went so well that you are off to a celebratory dinner date with your friends. Simply switch out the joggers for fitted chinos to dress up your look.