WHAT TO WEAR: Back To School

It’s summer! Everything is colorful! The city is full of tourists, especially because Carnaval is already here. The beaches are crowded, the weather is way too hot and sleeping in the air conditioner is life. But, despite all of this vacation mood, classes finally (or sadly) are back. Worse, how do you dress yourself with something that is fresh, because of the heat, and at the same time cool for school?

This Fashionista sports the perfect casual “school in the summer in Rio” look. Jeans are always a great alternative. Pick one that is not too heavy or thick. Light blue is always better than dark ones in this case. Dark colors give us the sensation that it is even hotter. So go for light shades when the temperatures are truly high.

The key of school attirs is pretty much feeling comfortable. I bet you guys are with me when I say that sitting at the same place for hours is not a joyous activity. So, wear something comfy! Look at her feet; is there anything more relaxing than wear a sandal or a flip flop? Summer calls for that and your feet will thank you. To complete the perfect combination, het shirt impeccably translates summer. All the lively colors mixed together and no sleeves looks amazing to me! I particularly love her backpack!

One Simple Change: First week of school means happy hour every day! So be prepared for a girl’s night because your friends will probably have a lot to tell you about their vacations. Pick up a white skirt, switch the flats to a high heels sandals and forget the backpack; a smaller purse will fit the look wonderfully.