WHAT TO WEAR: Back to School

Walking around campus on the first week of school, this Fashionista’s printed kimono caught my eye because it seemed to say that going back to school is anything but boring. What makes this Fashionista really stand out is how she wore a bold leopard print kimono with a daring fringe accent.

During the first week of school, you often hear people complaining about how they experience difficulties getting up early and wearing pajamas to class becomes reality even though you really want to look like you just stepped off the runway. The combination of print and fringe on this kimono makes it easy to make a bold statement.

This Fashionista built her outfit with staples like leggings and combat boots and adding one statement piece to a go-to outfit is an excellent way to spice up an outfit.

Sunglasses are essential on a warm spring day and it was a pleasant surprise to see this fashionista wear a purple pair, unlike all the mirrored aviators or black club masters that everyone else on campus had.

A small accessory like sunglasses might seem unnoticeable but the details and small touches are what makes you look unique. If you’re someone who values comfort, look at spicing up your outfit with some sunglasses or a scarf. They’re something you should keep handy in preparation for a sunny day. Plus, they won’t cause you any inconvenience like bracelets clinking on desks or necklaces getting caught in sweaters.

One Simple Change: To kick this bold outfit up a notch, pair the kimono with some distressed jeans and bring it into summer with some shorts.