WHAT TO WEAR: Back to School

Spring semester in FIU is finally here bringing new opportunities to look stylish and functional in and out of class. When you dress for a day on campus, your best bet is to wear something comfortable. The first week of school can also be a great chance to meet new people and make good first impressions through your own personal style. Sometimes it can be hard to wear something casual and fun that can lift your spirits during a hectic week back to school while still looking put together and ready for class. This week, I went hunting for an outfit that did exactly that.

Walking around campus, I spotted this Fashionisto looking ready for the new semester in a tropical print button down shirt and dark wash jeans with a brown messenger bag slung over his shoulder. For added style and comfort he also wore brown leather Sperrys. He accessorized this look with simple black square framed glasses. Overall, this Fashionisto found a way to look practical and unique. This look is perfect to transition from attending lectures to hanging out with friends after class.

A trend that is always in style in spring is floral prints, but this Fashionisto kept it interesting opting instead for a tropical print shirt. Rather than looking like a tacky tourist, he looked effortlessly chic for spring. The dark blue jeans and brown shoes and bag kept the focus on the statement shirt for a modern look.

One Simple Change: For those odd chilly nights during this time in Miami, be sure to warm up with a hoodie for a more relaxed feel.